Graduation season turns into fear and chaos for Jewish college students

On a warm spring morning, Marilyn Meyers, 22, a Jewish senior set to graduate from MIT, sat at a picnic table a little way from a pro-Palestinian encampment. The encampment – which has since been disbanded by police – was a quiet plot of tents and tarps, encircled by a metal barrier fence hung with […]

‘Nakba’ photo exhibit draws criticism at Newton library

NEWTON – In typical times, a photography exhibit at the Newton Free Library of Palestinians in West Bank villages taken six years ago would probably draw only a smattering of visitors to the small gallery, which usually features the work of local artists. But these are not normal times for a community already feeling vulnerable […]

Anti-Israel stickers posted at Swampscott bank; police identify a suspect

SWAMPSCOTT – Swampscott Police have confirmed that they have identified a suspect who they believe placed anti-Israel and anti-American stickers at an ATM machine at Eastern Bank’s Vinnin Square branch last week. “We have a person who has been identified,” said Swampscott Detective Michael Chandler, who noted that video of the incident was shared by the […]

Bar mitzvah boy reminds us: ‘It is really important that we don’t forget.’

For Myer Dawson, 13, just as the Israelites kept the shattered pieces of the Tablets Moses brought down from Mount Sinai, we, too, must keep the broken fragments of ourselves as we move forward in our lives. “We all have blemishes, imperfections, and flaws that make us unique, and we should not be discouraged by […]

How Jews could swing the vote away from Trump in Florida

VERO BEACH, Fla. – Suddenly the Jewish vote matters. Not in Massachusetts. It will go Democratic no matter how Jews vote. Nor in New York and California, where two in five American Jews live. Those giant states – accounting for 82 electoral votes, 30 percent of the total needed to win the White House – […]

A REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: In the land of war and hope

This story has been updated. THE SHARDS OF the vessel that was shattered on Oct. 7 are scattered far and wide. They lie in cemeteries; their images look out at us from posters; others who are still breathing are caged underground in Hamas tunnels and in dank dwellings. Their cries, recorded on video by the […]

America has broken its promise as the modern-day Promised Land

Now there can be no doubt: A special age in the long history of Jews in America has ended. The era – the sweetest in the ancient history of Abraham’s people – is so easily traced that it has a specific beginning and a discrete end. That honeyed time – for every Rosh Hashanah seemed […]

A Christmas story for Hanukkah

This Hanukkah, let us do something completely unorthodox. Let’s talk about a Christmas tree. Let’s contemplate Christmas 1941. It was the first Noel of World War II. Smoke still emanated from the upturned hulls of battleships destroyed in Pearl Harbor, which had been attacked 18 days earlier. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was visiting the […]

Editorial: Hold on to the light

Darkness greets us at dawn in December. The morning winds begin, the trees sway, the birds hover above the frozen ground and we carry on, adjusting – ignoring the chilly gusts that seem to whisper something new each morning. There is much to ponder in winter’s glare and shadows. We can’t do much without light, […]