Memo to Globe: Please report fairly on the Hamas war

As a reporter, editor, and newspaper publisher, I am loathe to wade into the discussion of how other publications gather news, or what their opinion columnists should write about. But the last two weeks have given me pause, and I cannot be silent about several pieces published by the Boston Globe. (For full disclosure, I […]

Hamas slaughter shakes nation

Let it be recorded that on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023, something broke again in the collective soul of the Jewish people. It occurred on Shabbat, and on the holiday of Simchat Torah. On that day, one’s hope for common decency and respect among nations of this world was shattered when hate stormed back into the […]

Editorial: The Days of Awe are upon us

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Friday, Sept. 15, and Yom Kippur starts the evening of Sunday, Sept. 24. You don’t have be an observant Jew to feel the shift. As humans, we are sensitive to all changes in our environment. And, in many ways, this summer’s dose of humility – Israel’s political and social […]

Local teens forge bond with Jewish community during Youth to Israel tour

Before going to Israel, Ben Zamansky never understood why he had to go to temple on Yom Kippur. His father would tell him that it was good to be a part of something bigger, but it never resonated with him – until now. “When I went to Israel, and I was always surrounded by Jewish […]

Women learn their Jewish heritage at Shirat Hayam’s pop-up Mishnah gathering

SALEM – Faith Kramer opened the door – the front of which was adorned in big, colorful letters spelling her name – clad from head to toe in bright turquoise, white hair curling at her ears, and said, enthusiastically, “Welcome to my house!” The greeting was clearly a courtesy because few, if any, introductions were […]

The Israel we know has fallen

In what appears to be a tragic convergence, in the week of Tisha B’Av, when we mark the destruction of the Temple, attributed by our sages to bitter hatred among Jews, the Knesset has passed the first piece of judicial reform that has torn Israeli society asunder. When the President of Israel speaks publicly about […]

Rabbi David Meyer leaves a lasting legacy at Temple Emanu-El

MARBLEHEAD – There is no exact formula for becoming the ideal rabbi for a congregation, but over the last 31 years, Rabbi David Meyer seems to have come up with one that has allowed congregants to grow spiritually while connecting to a broad and strong Jewish community. The soft-spoken Meyer, who grew up in Kansas […]