Advertiser Testimonials

“We hold the Jewish Journal in the highest regard both for its quality of content and the community it serves. It has proved to be very effective in reaching new customers.”

“The Jewish Journal has been our publishing go-to newspaper for years. It has been a reliable partner, helping us connect with an eager audience we cannot reach otherwise. Over the years, this collaboration helped carry the message of experts engaged in learning and teaching the Holocaust to tens of thousands of North Shore residents. We find this partnership both natural and fruitful and plan to continue to publish events and essays that help advance our mission of combating antisemitism, racism, and other for prejudices.”

“I think the Jewish Journal is a tremendous partner and asset to our Jewish community. The Journal staff is easy to work with and produce a quality paper which helps ensure that I am able to regularly connect with my current customer and the wider community. I would highly recommend The Jewish Journal to anyone who may be considering it as an advertising venue. Larry Levine’s Kosher Meat Market and Deli will certainly be a partner of The Jewish Journal for years to come!”

“The Jewish Journal, which is such an incredible asset to our Jewish community, is definitely a part of our company's success. Thank you for the many years of great service.  We will always include the Journal in our business plan.”

“The Jewish Journal is a very niche newspaper and an extremely important newspaper to the Jewish Community of the North Shore.  It is now more important than ever that we find ways to keep our community together, supported and informed.  Stanetsky-Hymanson Memorial Chapel is extremely grateful to the Jewish Journal for the decades of devotion to just this cause.  We will continue to support this publication in every way that we can.”